What need my page for be index in Neolive?

1. Web pages with their own stream (not any obtained from the Internet) and signed with the address of the website (more info below)

2. Your page will be in index using an iframe, so your page will need follow the next rules:

a) Stream must be embed with 640 width x 440 height (640x440)

b) Logo in one corner of the stream with link to (image with link to

c) Streams asking for subscription/payment, asking for a toolbar installation, etc. like are not allowed

d) Stream must be watchable (a minimum of quality)

e) Add you advertising over the video, with a X for close the ad is allowed except when requesting any action in order to watch the stream.

3. The following contents are not allowed: Content not suitable for minors, illegal content or advertise similar services like Neolive. It is not allowed either directly or indirectly (like for example announcing a page that is promoting a site similar like Ilemi).

4. If typing a password for the stream is required, it must be published and very visible with the word "password" at least in English

5. All the information given must be real. If it is discovered that you are using a different language, bitrate, etc. than the notified you will be permanently banned at Neolive.

6. If you can not offer the events that you have previously announced you must report it immediately to remove the site for that event before it is discovered by Neolive.

6. If you want your stream at the top of the list (mains options) you only need to try be the best broadcasters, is not something about bitrate, is about keep your stream working all the event, fixing quickly if have any issues, and CHOICE THE BEST SERVER FOR BROADCAST.

Breaking the rules will mean a permanent ban at Neolive

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